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課程編號: DPV240817

Development, Advancement, and Practical Issues of Vaccines

CNE學分:  2 pts
開課日期:  2017/08/24 



(DPV) Development, Advancement, and Practical Issues of Vaccines

Sponsored by GSK

CNE pts: 2

    • Why are vaccines important and the impact of vaccines
    • Vaccinology and vaccines development
    • Types of vaccines and rationale behind the needs for different types
          (live, inactivated, adjuvanted, conjugated)
    • Recommendations on immunisation, including Hepatitis, MMR, DPT, 4 in1 and
          B.C.G vaccines
    • Practical issues on vaccination, including post BMT/organ transplant/
          splenectomy, contraindications and safety
    • Considerations for different types of vaccines, brands, schedules, and dosages
    • Vaccine communication

Speakers:  Prof. John Siu Lun Tam – BBS, BSc, MSc, PhD;
                 Visiting Professor, Department of Applied Biology and
                 Chemical Technology

Period: 24/08/2017 (Thu, total 1 session), 7:00 – 9:00pm

Venue: Room 1106, Hong Kong Scout Centre, 8 Austin Road, Jordan

Fee: $120 (member)   $220(non-member)

*Refreshment will be provided

Registration time: 6:30pm  - 7:00pm