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課程編號: UAT310718

Understanding Aromatherapy

CNE學分:  18 pts
開課日期:  2018/07/31 



(UAT) Understanding Aromatherapy

CNE points: 18

Aromatherapy is generally defined as the skilled and controlled use of essential oils (pure essences from plants) to promote physical and emotional well being. In the past century, it has evolved to become one of the major complementary therapies in many parts of the Western world with evidence-based clinical applications well documented in hospices, clinics and hospitals that uphold natural holistic therapies.

The course aims to:

  1. Nourish in participants an appreciation for and a basic understanding of aromatherapy, the advantages and medicinal properties of 20 commonly used essential oils and 6 base oil / base materials, and the ways to blend and apply them in our daily life.
  2. Develop in students a commitment to leading a more natural and healthier life, and pave the way for further study in clinical aromatherapy and other related disciplines.

Speaker:   Ms. Dawn Chan – CMAIA: Clinical Member of Alliance of International Aromatherapists, USA; MNAHA: Professional Member of National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy, USA; MIFPA: Int’l Member of the International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists, UK

Date:      31/07-16/08/2018 (Tue, Thu) 6:30-9:30pm

Venue:   AHKNS Classroom, Jordan (Room B, 3/F, Parkes Commercial Building, 29-31 Parkes Street, Jordan)

Fee:            $1,500 (member)               $1,800 (non-member)

*Certificate of Attendance will be awarded by AHKNS for 80% attendance or above. 


 Course Contents


  • Definition of Aromatherapy
  • Historical development of Aromatherapy
  • The nature of essential oil, its power and limitations
  • Methods of extraction
  • Identifying quality/therapeutic grade essential oils


  • Routes of absorption
  • Applications
  • Safety guidelines (incl. contra-indications)
  • Introducing 6 major essential oils and 3 major base products


  • Introducing 6 other major essential oils and 3 other major base products
  • Blending techniques and key considerations (synergies, massage blends etc)
  • Blending demonstrations
  • Hands-on practice (e.g. blending a 10ml therapeutic massage oil)


  • Introducing 8 other major essential oils
  • Everyday aromatherapy (e.g. for general relaxation in the evening; disinfecting the air; personal hygiene etc)
  • Hands-on practice (e.g. blending a 10ml hand sanitizing gel)


  • Simple head, neck, shoulder and hand massage (can include the back if have an extra lesson)
  • “Aroma first aid” in cases of wounds, bruising, burnt, muscle acheand tension, cramp, mouth ulcer, digestive problems, cold and flu,fatigue, anxiety etc
  • Case discussion
  • Hands-on practice (e.g. blending a 10ml therapeutic massage oil)


  • Introduction to clinical aromatherapy
  • Recent development and practice in the Western world (e.g. in Europe and America)
  • Clinical protocol
  • Clinical case sharing:
  • Panic attack / Wound / Skin remedy for patients undergoing radiotherapy