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課程編號: 2010EP-33

ECG Strip Identification and Evaluation

CNE分:  12 pts
開課日期:  2022/07/05 



CPTH2010EP-33  ECG Strip Identification and Evaluation   

CNE pts: 12




- Normal ECG waveform morphology and normal physiology of cardiac conduction

- Distinguish between cardiac dysrhythmias, including sinus, atrial, junctional and ventricular dysthythmias

- ECG manifestations of ischemic heart disease. Miscellaneous ECG abnormalities

- Describe the physiological consequences and treatments of dysrhythmias



Speaker:   Medical Expert with Teaching Experience

Period:      05/07 – 26/07/2023 (Wed, total 4 sessions), 6:30 – 9:30pm

Venue:      6/F, Parkes Commercial Building, 29-31 Parkes Street, Jordan

Fee:          $1,740 (member)      $1,840 (non-member)


 ** "Certificate of Completion” will be awarded for attendance not less than 70% of the sessions.  CNE points of these short courses will be provided by HKMU LiPACE.