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Course Guideline for Short Courses Jointly Organized by

 Association of Hong Kong Nursing Staff and Hong Kong Metropolitan University


1. Arrangement in adverse weather conditions



                    Signal Hoisted


         Signal Lowered


Before working hours/sessions

During working hours/sessions


Field Visits

Classes to be canceled if the

signals are still hoisted:

1. at 6:30a.m.- for classes before 2:00p.m.

2. at 10:00am for classes between 2:00 – 6:00pm

3. at 2:00pm – for all classes on that day

Typhoon No.8 or above:

All classes to be terminated; study centres will close.

Black Rainstorms:

Classes already in progress will continue

Classes are to be held as scheduled * if the signals are lowered:

1. before/at 6:30a.m. - for all classes on that day

2. before/at 10:00am – for classes between 2:00 – 6:00pm

3. before / at 2:00pm - for

    classes at 6:00p.m. and after


Public announcement will be made when necessary

Public announcement will not be made

Public announcement will be
made #

* Subject to the availability of centres and the transportation

# For classes, public announcements will only be made when necessary.

General public announcements from the Education Department does not apply to HKMU.


2.     Statement of Completion

.The name issued on the Certificate of completion will be in accordance with the name on the course attendance list.  Therefore, student must ensure his/her name on the attendance list
    is correct.

.This Statement is awarded to students having attendance rate over 70% by LiPACE of HKMU.


    - AHKNS will notify students of the collection period by email 3 months after the last lesson in normal

    - Collection place: Education counter at 4th Floor, AHKNS Office

    - Collection period: 1 month

    - Students must collect the certificate in person or by authorized person (with written notice) within the collection

    - Late collection will cost a handling charge of HK$30.

    - No collection is accepted after one year from the collection deadline.

3.     While you are in class, please

       .have your pager and mobile phone switched off;

       .have no drinks and food.

4.     Once your application is accepted, course fee will be non-refundable.

5.     No class will be held on public holidays except those specified on the
       application form or having been notified by AHKNS / MU tutor in advance.

6.     Enquiries / suggestions: Please contact our staff at 2314 6911.